• An innovative and powerful energy management tool
  • On line web based reporting system - Puts you in control with 24 hour access to energy consumption data
  • No matter what industry you are in - Start reducing your energy costs today
  • It has never been more critical for businesses - Measure, monitor and manage their energy consumption

WebGraphs is a cost effective way to measure, monitor, and manage your energy usage.

The system provides up to date access to graphs, reports, and raw data from your electricity meter.

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Accurate data straight from your meter
  • Data is updated daily
  • Variety of reports
  • Reports and data are easily exportable
Email Reports

Running Reports covering a large number of NMIs, or extended time period can take some time to return results.

Using the Email Report function allows for the report to be emailed to you behind the scenes instead of waiting online for large amounts of data to be downloaded to your computer.

What's New

Alarms! Found under the Administration Tab on the Menu bar, Alarms allows you to set up parameters based on kWh, kVA and Power Factor.

If usage falls outside of the thresholds, an alarm is sent to your email inbox the following day.